Modern Era Streets – 28mm scale

I’m doing a terrain project to create urban terrain tiles that I can use primarily for British 1970’s street scenes.  I want them to be fairly versatile for other ‘street games’ (including a secret project).

Consequently after a bit of trial and error using Foamboard to create 300mm x 300mm tiles and having them bend out of shape I hunted for advice and ideas from the best wargaming resource know to humans, the Leadadventurers forums, … and my builder mate, Jason.  As a result I’m trialling something new.

So this is a close up of the stuff I am using.  This is sourced from a local sign making shop @ 2.50 per 300mm x 300mm sheet.  There is some cheaper stuff which is pretty much identical at £2.00 per 300mm x 300mm sheet.  The core is solid plastic of some type, not ‘foam’.


This is a 5.5mm Styrofoam sheet from Antenociti’s Workshop.  I’ve scored the pavement with a sharp pencil.


Finally the whole thing together … note that I had to sand the sign material down as it has a very shiny surface.  I then sprayed it with a ‘suede’ effect paint out of a can from B&Q to give me a texture for the road surface.


A second image with a figure for scale (note the figure is mid-production so don’t judge it!)


I’ll slap some paint on it tonight and see what it looks like.

Note the brick wall … comes from an excellent site called Paper Brick. You can select from a number of customisable options and it spits out a .pdf of a brick wall to order.  If you use it, don’t forget to thrown the designer a donation.

My only concern is that I can’t easily put any ‘road furniture’ on the tarmac unless I paint it on or glue on a picture.  I was thinking of maybe having 2 layers of the syrofoam but I’m not sure …

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