Urban Scenery – Skip

More a test piece this one. I wanted to try out some rust and worn metal techniques so I decided to use a resin skip (can’t remember where from now … sorry). I also tried putting some lettering on the side with those transfers you rub off onto things, usually paper. This worked well but I could have done it better.

I had a look at skips I saw in the area to get an idea of where the rust and worn parts were … always good to do some research if you can.


Click on image to enlarge. ASH stands for “A Skip Hire” 🙂

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German Inter-War Colonial Troops

I finished these Copplestone German Colonial Troops recently as part of a drive to put together a meaningful number of colonial German troops. I have a group of 10 Schutztruppe Askaris all primed and ready to go whilst a group of 10 German East Africa Co. Askaris are ready to be primed. I also have a 4 German officer characters in the painting zone. Now if only I could get one of these other projects finished …

The Copplestone figures themselves are lovely sculpts and I was fairly unadventurous with them in just sticking to a colour scheme/style that seems to be the norm … works though!

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Qu-Su-Ug Creature

This creature was the subject of a Kickstarter, which I have to say was one of the best run ones I’ve been a contributor to. The creator created a tutorial explaining how to put the is multi part complex model together and one to paint it up … which I unashamedly followed.

I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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Isle of Man OS Maps, 1870 and 1921

I got asked about these a while ago, Could be useful for an interwar or late 1800’s Cthulhu campaign?


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2013 Plan – Update

Time for an update …

I’ve to put a few pictures of various bits of progress up but generally I’ve done the following:

– Painted an entire Full Thrust Fleet (UNSC), 17 ships in total and 6 stands of fighters/bombers (3 each).

– Finished off 19 Arabs in 28mm scale for various Pulp games etc. Also managed to try out a new technique for painting white which worked very well.

– Painted a pile of 15mm Sci-Fi figures from GZG for use with Gruntz. This project is not quite complete and involves a Mech and APC. Coming up with a Desert/Scubland colour scheme was time consuming as was the assembly of the Mech.

– Got some new paint racks, re-organised my workstation and semi-retires all my GW paints.

– Got sidetracked with a plastic Airfix kit, a Supercat Jackal 1/48. Lovely model which I’ve enjoyed putting together.

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Askari – Foundry 28mm

I painted these up a while ago and I think they were lost when the site was down or I never got round to posting them.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and I’d like to do some more.

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Plan for 2013

A new year and a new set of impossible goals … but this time I thought I’d write them down.

Sci-Fi Space Combat

Full Thrust is my game of choice, (in fact the Cross Dimentions ruleset really hits the spot). I’ve had a lot of bits and pieces for these types of games but not brought it all together; so this year it’s time to change that. Essentially I’m planning to finally put together 2/3 forces along with individual laminated ship SSD cards.

The SSD Cards are at production stage; I’ve a nice system set up to print them and laminate them in an A6 format so that you can use a dry wipe marker to keep track of stats.

As for the forces, I have a set of painted and servicable Kalistra (Sp?) opponents but I want to get some GZG ships painted and into action. I already have a Phalon force that needs painting, (I have already done the test model and know my colour schemes). The other force looks like it will be a UNSC force, and something else (but can’t be sure what).

The conclusion here is that this is a totally do-able project and when complete will provide a ready made game to easily put on the table.


From a modelling point of view this is a done deal as I have a force of Germans and British. I recently completed my own version of the rules making some key updates but still need to tidy up the format having moved from Word to InDesign. I also want to get the data cards I have laminated so they can be easily re-used.

I also have a Japanese Fleet that needs painting up and I’d like to add to the German and British forces with a couple of ships and planes.

The conclusion here is that this is do-able, maybe not the Japanese Fleet, but certainly the other changes.

ACW – 6mm Fire and fury

This is a big project which has been started with a re-basing of miniatures and the (near) completion of some figures that have been on the painting desk for a while. The problem is that the volume of work left to do is quite high but to help I’ve selected a scenario with low-ish number of stands needed and I’m working towards putting thise forces on the table. I’m very tempted to get these done third party.

Th conclusion here is less optomistic; I’ve a long way to go and it’s already dragged on for a long while. However I’ve set an achievable goal so we’ll see.


This is such a general topic. I’ve a number of nice 28mm figures that would suit these sorts of game that I need to get pained. I’ve a great scenario designed that I want to play this year. The stumbling block is rules, as I’ve not seen anything yet that I 100% like, (but I’ve been close).

Conclusion? This will drag on BUT if i can get the odd units painted up it will get there eventually.


I have a few units that are on the go and need to be completed. I’m not going to streach myself with this, the objective is just to clear what I started off the workbench and take it from there.

Conclusion, do-able, but the willpowere is low on this at the moment.


Like every wargamer I’ve a collection of unpainted mini’s which I need to keep chipping away at. I feel that if I can clear the workbench then the small jobs will be easier.

Wish me luck!

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Star Wars – X-Wing by FFG

Well I decided that I wanted to get in on the ground floor with this one, and I’m glad I have.

In addition to the 1 X-Wing and 2 Tie Fighters that come with the box I got 3 more Tie Fighters, 2 more X-Wings, a Y-Wing and 2 Tie Advanced; which gives me enough to field 100 pts a side with a little variation.

The add on packs all give extra cards, (pilots and equipment etc.) that you can’t get in the base game so they are worth having plus they are pretty good and well painted mini’s. My only complaint is they look a little delicate so i don’t know how they will stand up to a club game.

Notice the mat on which the mini’s where photographed … great Death Star background.

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The latest Boardgame in my collection … Zombicide, which I bought through a kickstarter campaign and managed to snag a bungle of extra goodies.

This is a short review centred on the gameplay experience.

Others have covered the components, the rules, the quality and other issues in a lot of detail so I’ll just summarise. Component quality is excellent but in some respects it’s no less than you should expect from a modern game. The rules a good, thay are not complex which makes getting into a game quick and easy. I have read some complaints about the clarity of the rules and I’d say they are not 100% perfect but if you play enough board games it’s really not an issue. Finally the gameplay; this is a co-op game for 6 on board characters and quite happily accomodates 1-6 players. Characters play set scenarios, search for equipment and kill zombies. There are two interesting game features, the first being the creation of noise when you do things. Noise is generally bad as it causes Zomies that are not in the line of sight of a character to move towards the noise. Creating noise can be a tactic though. Secondly there is an experience system; players get one xp per zombie laid to rest, (more in some cases), and at certain levels skills are added to the character. Unfortunately as a character gains a new level then the number of zombies spawning increases.

That’s the game in a nutshell, but essentially I’d like to give back a little about our Group’s experience with the actual game play so far. This based on 2-3 players playing around 10 games, but only Scenario’s 0 to 3.

It’s fair to start by saying that we are finding the game a great laugh, even when we lose or a character gets “swarmed”. It’s not perfect, but it is fun.

As the game is scenario driven, then irrespective of the rules, the scenario can make or break your playing experience. It’s great news that the scenario editor has been released as the breadth of available scenarios should increase dramatically, there are only 10 in the book, + a starter scenario.

Scenario 0 – This is the intro game to get you started. It’s a nice idea, but in this case I think it’s a bit too easy. Rather than a simple game that is easy to win, a “survive for 10 rounds” game might have taught more and raised more of those niggly questions you have when first playing a game.

Scenario 1 – This took us a few goes before we managed to win. There are a number of specific rooms that have to be searched and due to a mechanic that means you populate a building when you open the door you end up with a on-board zombie population explosion.

Tactically we learned 2 things about experience and danger levels, (as a character kills more zombies their experience increases to a point where that individual character gets an extra skill BUT at the same time the danger level increases, which affects all the players).  Firstly, it’s best to open all the doors on a low danger level as when the buildings are populated you get less of the little critters on the board. Secondly, manage your characters so that you stay off going to the next experience / danger level as long as possible.
I think understanding this issue makes a big difference to the game and I’m not sure if it’s good, because it makes the game a little more tactical or bad because the difference to the game is so great. Good scenario writing will mitigate this, so for example if you place a door near a zombie spawn zone it makes it that little bit harder for characters to run round the board opening doors on a low danger level. Possibly the experience mechanic and the danger level mechanic could have been separated one step, so that your individual kills increase your experience but they also contribute to a separate global danger level. The tactical choice would then be to kill or not kill a Zombie (ok, … you can’t kill a zombie … but you know what I mean).

Scenario 2 – This is a simple race from one side to the other and is far too easy. We had a shot at just running to the exit and it was over pretty quickly, (as we guessed it would be, although we could have drawn unlucky cards). We didn’t even open a door or re-equip any of the characters armed with pans. I would have made the escape routed maybe a bit longer and put some starting zombies on the board. Also an objective, maybe a key to open a gate in the middle of the game board, would have enhanced this.

Scenario 3 – we were keen to play this as it was a survival game (one character had to make it to the top experience level) and it had the cars! Good fun again, especially when two characters were separated and swarmed. The car did seem overly powerful though and I’d be tempted to suggest that you should roll a die per space moved, on a 6 you run out of petrol.

I’m beginning to think that the game might be a little easy and perhaps the rules should have added some options for increased difficulty … advanced rules.
In addition, the game would be helped by some added variety, both in the cards and objectives. I have a few rambling thoughts …

Searching: I think the ability to search a room repeatedly goes against a theme of survivors making do with what they can find. Ultimately you get what you are looking for and the odd “AGhhh!” card where a zombie turns up is usually manageable. Suggestion: Roll a d6 every time a room is searched, on a 6 nothing more can be found, (need a marker for this though).

Swopping objects: We have never played a game where we swopped a weapon, like a chainsaw, and had each character use it. Whilst it’s a nice idea to have one character throw over a weapon they have just used it is open to abuse. Suggestion: Either disallow it, so that if a weapon is used in combat it can’t be passed over, (my preference). Or, allow it to only be passed over once, and possibly limit what may be passed after it had been used.
Difficulty: General Suggestion: Start the game with a Zombie Spawn?

Zombie Cards: I think these are generally ok, but for added variety you could have a “Door Burst” card where a random door is burst open by a Fatty forcing the population of a building, (if applicable), or an “All Zombies Surge” card, or a “Mob” card that let’s 10 zombies enter the board.

Equipment Cards: More variety here would be nice. As the games is scenario driven a lot of these cards are not useful. That’s fine, but to help scenario builder then some other cards might have been useful, maybe a generic “Spare Parts” card to allow a scenario where a vehicle or anything needs to be fixed? A “Medical Pack” card would have been nice too.

Car Markers: You get 5 double sided Police Car / Pimp Mobile markers. I think a couple of civilian cars (where you can search for anything OTHER than weapons), and some barricades would have been good. One suggestion I read was a skip, which could also be searched but maybe you have to draw a zombie card when you do.

Cars / Chainsaw: These are quite tough. Suggestion: have a chance they will run out of petrol when used? (of course that could be refilled).

Abomination: Not nearly scary enough. Suggestion: Make him move like a runner and deal two damage.

I’ve said too much … I think I’ll write a scenario.

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Pulp Jungle Adventure

Here’s a preview of some custome cards for my upcoming Pulp Jungle Adventure.

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