Evil Mastermind’s Lair

This week I have been mostly working on an Evil Mastermind’s lair …

The idea is to get this organised for a 7TV game but also to have it as a piece of scenery for use in multiple games.  To that end I have tried to make a variety of different rooms that could be objectives for any scenario and created multiple routes from one end of the board to the other.

The board itself is 600mm by 1,200mm (2′ x 4′), and the plan would be to butt another similar sized board up to it in order to create an outside section.  I may offer alternative ways into the base from this second board, thus the obvious way in is through the garage but maybe there is a sewer outlet that allows characters to get into the WC.

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3 Responses to Evil Mastermind’s Lair

  1. Absolutely bloody brilliant! Great work.

    I’m always amazed at what guys can make out of foam board. Can’t wait to see how it paints up.

  2. Ssendam says:


    Looking at Crossover Minis; very nice figures although I don;t have a super-hero range (yet!). I do like the Ninja Minions though and they might look better than the old Dixon ninja minis I’m currently using.

    • Thanks! Keep an eye out for our next release/KS! I’m going to double our number of Ninjas! You’ve got my email from the comments, shoot me your email and I’ll add you to my announcements list so you’ll know when they come out. 🙂

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